Testimonial: Dealing with Relationships and Issues

I have seen Pushpa for several sessions dealing with different relationships and issues. The most astounding change took place regarding a session doing energy work for my teenage daughter. A couple of days after the session my daughter came to a function in which I didn’t think she would make an appearance. I believe the […]

Testimonial: Back Pain

Laura shared this great testimonial through social network on how her back pain has left.

Testimonial: Injuries from being hit by vehicle

I have had good fortune to meet Pushpa Bansal at a health fair in Burlington one year ago. I stopped at her EFT booth to ask for help with back and knee pain. 4 1/2 yrs ago, I had been hit as a pedestrian while crossing the street, receiving fractures in both knees torn ACL […]

What is Your Story?

Are you stuck? Stressed and anxious? Always thinking of your past and how you have failed? Emotional freedom technique (EFT) is an ancient Chinese acupressure technique combined with modern psychological reversal reframes to achieve complete relief from Stress and Anxiety, helping you achieve your goals. Some refer to EFT as a “needle free” version of […]

Testimonial: Anger and Resentment Roadblocks

I have worked with Pushpa and her technique and approach to care is nothing short of astounding. She personally helped me to clear much anger and resentment that I had carried since childhood and was causing roadblocks in my life. Pushpa has helped me to achieve many of my goals and even more has helped […]

Testimonial: Releasing Emotional Issues and taking control of my life!

Pushpa is very knowledgeable, skilled, intuitive and passionate about EFT. The treatments I received from her quickly allowed me to energetically release long-standing emotional issues at their core. I was then able to take more positive control of my life. As a Reiki Master, I am also aware that a client responds more positively to […]

Testimonial: Pain

Hi Pushpa. I am doing very well. Much better. Pain has lessened considerably! Jen loved her treatment with you and looks forward to meeting you in person. It was a very good experience for her and me also. Jen: Pushpa , you are wonderful to work with! My two treatments with you were very beneficial […]

Testimonial: Sandra

EFT with Pushpa has been a tremendously helpful process. I’ve become more in touch with my mind and body allowing for hugely positive changes. Using the process, along with Pushpa’s supportive assistance, I was able to remedy a health concern that was draining me both physically and emotionally. Sandra

Testimonial: Panick Attacks

I started seeing Pushpa because I had been having panic attacks and I was desperate to deal with this issue and move on with my life. Through her work with EFT, Pushpa has shown me that if I just believe in myself, let in all that is positive and keep out all that is negative, […]

Testimonial: Digestive Issues

I have recently completed two energy releasing sessions with Pushpa with regard to digestive issues. Even though I had very little knowledge of energy therapy, Pushpa made me feel comfortable. I found her to be very knowledgeable, efficient and flexible with all three energy therapies. She easily adapted her approach to my needs by switching […]

Testimonial: Karina

I really enjoyed my session with Pushpa, her warm and relaxed manner made me feel very comfortable, at ease and ready to begin working on some deep core issues. Although it was over Skype, It was amazing that I felt like we were in the room together. I loved the energy work that made me […]

Testimonial: Depression

Dear Pushpa, I am writing to thank you from the bottom of my heart and tell you how wonderful I feel. Before having a session with you I was feeling so down in the dumps and now, I am now feeling on the top of the world. I didn’t realize at the time I was […]