How do you balance life, work and the kids during summer break?

2017 marks Canada’s 150th birthday, and we are ready to celebrate!  The unforgettable Canada Day Celebration is just under way!  From Parliament Hill to the Tall Ships in Québec to the Nova Scotia International Tattoo and Calgary Stampede, this is a great year to vacation/enjoy/sightsee in Canada. 

But what if you’re struggling to balance life, work and kids during summer break?

I’m writing with huge surge of excitement for parents as on one hand, there is so much to do and enjoy this summer and on the other hand, as a working parent to school-age child, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  If you haven’t been dreading the onset of summer break and the impossible work/parenting juggle that comes with it, you are a liar…

Summertime and childcare is not easy, parents struggle with child-care and their emotions of guilt, frustration, tiredness, money (impact of summer holidays on their ability to pay bills) etc. 

As a single parent, “I felt consistently guilty for working – I wanted my children to grow up having had adventures in the school holidays.  So each year I had to plan my boys summer break like a military operation.  Week long summer residential camp, itself was an expense for which I had to work overtime and I felt guilty for not being with my boys.”

One of the reasons ‘why’ I chose to become a teacher after my husband passed away is because it allowed me to have the same holidays as them.  When I was working as a retailer, I couldn’t give them the attention they needed.  The TV became the surrogate mother and kept them occupied and that made me feel awful.

I wanted them to have summers that would enrich their lives.  And that meant ‘extra cost.  Camping, drama classes, cricket, football… and, I would take them on outings on my days off.   


No wonder I was totally overwhelmed and was feeling the pinch. 

In my precision planning, I followed the following tips diligently.  It reduced my stress and overwhelm considerably.  Some of the tips that I can pass on are:

  • Making sure your child stays hydrated: during the long summer days, water is excellent and I used the filtered water in their child friendly bottles.
  • Making sure your child is eating healthy: Prepare snack bags of vegetables such as carrots, celery, or cucumbers and/or fruit such as apples, pears, or berries couple of times a week, and put them in Ziploc bags, in the fridge. 
  • Making sure your child is getting daily exercise:  Encourage them to stay active, have them to walk, swim, and ride bikes daily.
  • Making sure your child goes to bed on time every night:  schedule a bedtime and keep it.  This is one area where most parents can’t keep up during holidays.  When your child doesn’t get enough sleep, then the crankiness, creeps in.  Your morning routine gets disturbed and you become more stressed.

Looking back and knowing what I know now, I have put together a tapping routine that will help people just like you, also looking to find some balance and relief from stress.

Look inside our resources section soon for a new tapping script meant for parents who are going through these exact stresses in their life, to help you manage the emotions that come up and empower you to take control and master those emotions before they stress you out.