Tapping Group

Have your best life now and know you can achieve anything in a results-driven environment of group coaching and peer support using EFT/Tapping and Intentions.

Take action to achieve your desired results in all areas of your life:

mental, emotional and physical health







Clear Limiting Thoughts and

Beliefs Holding You Back

EFT is a powerful energy technique, backed by scientific evidence, that helps you release the emotional obstacles behind stress, resistance, procrastination, fears, doubt, worry, limiting thoughts and other blocks, so you can begin to create the change you want to be in the world and get the results you desire and deserve.

Take Action Towards Your Greatness

Accessed consistently, this group program will help you accelerate your plan, allowing you to take the real steps needed to achieve outcomes and expand results.

A vision without real action and like-minded support to achieve it... is only an idea.

Imagine the life you want - actually happening, where each area of life is unfolding exactly as you imagined it and you're no longer dreaming.  It's absolutely possible! We just need to get out of our own way to make it happen and this program is exactly what you need to get you there.

You are here - right now - reading this for a purpose.  The one that says you were meant for something bigger, something more! That you're DONE playing small and settling for mediocre.  You're done with "the way things were/are" and you're ready to TAKE ACTION towards the greatness you see within but aren't allowing out.

If that's true for you, you're in the exact RIGHT place.  Your purpose has drawn you here to take the first action step in the journey to the life you envision.

So let's dive in and begin!


Here's What You Get ...

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How we meet ...

Zoom Conference - an online platform where all group members can attend live and interact with other group members. Requires webcam and microphone/speakers or headset with microphone.  Phone in also possible but the best results happen in the online experience.  You will need to accept the Zoom plugin on your mac or pc to enter the online live stream conference room.

What to expect ...



There will be weekly group sessions over a 3-month period. You can continue attending the group sessions by renewing your group membership subscription for another 3 months.

Each group session will be 80-90 minutes which includes teaching, coaching, tapping together and setting intentions.

"Specific Issues" not planned but could arise during a session will be noted and incorporated into future sessions, so we can stay on course for each planned session.

Each program will last for a full 3 months, allowing you time to learn techniques, understand the process, gain support from peers and time to follow through on achieving the changes you desire.  Once registered, you are committing to yourself and your peers for 3 months to take measurable action steps to get lasting results.



Recordings and Online Access

Sessions will be recorded so if you miss a session you can access the recording and review each session as many times as you like. Most benefits will be gained from attending live.  Although we do record, should technology challenge us, we can not guarantee a recording each session, so you are recommended to attend all sessions live.  You will be given a link to set up a username and password for member area access to all Session Archives.

Should we be faced with technical challenges we will make every effort to use alternative means and connect via email to update you.  If a call is canceled or doesn’t happen due to a problem on our end, we will email you and the session will be scheduled or postponed to another day.  You will be advised.



Private Facebook Group

We have a private Facebook community for group members to share your wins, challenges, ask for help, and support each other as you make the changes you desire.  Between live sessions and our Private group, you can expect to establish long-term relationships with your like-minded peers and our team which will help you feel incredibly supported and accelerate your results further.

Important Requirements:
By participating in group coaching sessions, you give permission to be recorded.

By participating, You also agree to take full responsibility for your own mental, emotional and physical health, acknowledging that many of the techniques used are experimental with no guaranteed outcomes for any particular user, and just because results have been positive for others does not mean they will be for you.

You further agree to consult your physician or mental health professional regarding your use of the techniques, especially if you are dealing with mental or physical health issues.


Ready to Change Your Results? Register Below:

Invest in yourself. An individual consultation session can cost you $120/hr or more per session. Working together in a peer support group coaching session provides you an opportunity to do more for much less - just $10 per session!!

  • Tap into issues you might never have considered as an issue but realized it was.
  • Tap into support from like-minded peers, also seeking life-changing results.
  • Tap into the expertise of a world-class expert, teacher, and trainer to live your best life.

Steps to Register

1. Register with Payment - 3 options available. Take 1 session (6months) or 2 (12 months) or pay monthly.

2. Return to website after payment and create Member Profile with username and password.

3. Look for a confirmation email within 48 hours of registration.

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6 Month Program ($40 month)

Total $240 Paid in Full ($40/mo)
That's just $9.50 per weekly session!

Full Year Program ($40 month) (6 months x 2)

Total $480 Paid in Full ($40/mo)
That's just $9.50 per weekly session!

Monthly Payment Option - $49.99/month

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