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Someone once said, “ If you DO, what you have always DONE, YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU HAVE ALWAYS HAD!”

To get higher results, you'll need to move to a higher emotional frequency and creates shifts in your thinking.

If you are serious about goal-achievement and want 2018 to be your best year, to finally break free from your subconscious blocks, and reach your ideal level of wealth and success then go to the higher octave.

Start doing something different that will actually get you results!  

In this online program, you will

  • be able to identify and remove your subconscious blocks to money & success.
  • stop any procrastinating,
  • stop playing small,
  • end self-sabotage
  • and step into a completely new energy, level of action and destiny with money. 

As we clear the roots to your deepest blocks to both money and your values, we can bring out more of your natural confidence, personal power, and enthusiastic action

...and that changes EVERYTHING.


Pushpa Bansal is an Advanced EFT Practitioner, NLP Master Trainer and an expert in Mindset Mastery (among other modalities)

Her workshop incorporates a great combination of her successful breakthrough work in EFT and NLP to help others discover their limiting thoughts and beliefs that shape our path.

Discover tools and techniques that will help you begin thinking in a whole new way and challenging all those things that place fear, doubt and worry as a block to your success. 

What's included in this online training:

 Part 1: Pre-study

Online Video Training #1

Significance of the training

Growth mindset vs. fixed mindset

The time to take Action

Why we need the three-letter word “Yet”

The brain science and quantum physics

The role of your heart

What is the self-sabotage and how we inherit them

It was such an incredible experience, I left feeling so light. I had a great time with the rest of the group today. Looking forward to another workshop.  Thank you Pushpa for your gift.

Charmaine Banate


It has helped me face my fear and conquer it. Looking forward to checking out your website Pushpa Bansal! 

Helen William

Online Video Training # 2

Introducing Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

The art and science of opening up your heart and validating your head

EFT has unlimited possibilities

How EFT works


It was an amazing session. I feel so much lighter and full of positive energy. I came home to 2 sales waiting on emails!!! This is powerful and I can't wait to run with it.
Kathryn Simon 


Pushpa Bansal, thank you to all the ladies who shared from your heart. I had such a great time and left feeling inspired, recharged and ready to take on the world

Bobbi-Jo Meyer 

Online Worksheets

#1: Your motivation for Mind Shift

This will help you find your aims and goals and blocks easily and quickly


#2: Let’s clear what you don’t want in your life

This worksheet will inspire / motivate you to purge your physical, emotional and mental space.


#3: Limiting beliefs the writing on the walls of your mind

This worksheet will let you identify your self-sabotage and then starts the juicy, fun part to clear them with us during the LIVE Workshop


 Thank you for hosting this amazing event. It was definitely worth my time to attend, to learn new skills, to share the clearing experience with all the other women sharing. So good! Peace to all
Patty Harrington

 Thank you again for a wonderful day on Monday and to all the ladies who shared. It was very inspiring.

Linda Agnew

 2 LIVE Calls Online

** Solidify everything you learned in the pre-study materials

** Interactive experience with peers and clear your success blocks.

* *Q & A:  Answering your questions  

All done online via ZOOM Conference Software (link provided)

Access Video Archives online to continue clearing blocks beyond the live online calls with lifetime access to our Mindshift Video Vault.



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