Rewrite your Unconscious

Changing Your perception will change your present!

I have been a student of metaphysics and healing arts for the past 20 years; learning how to the create Mind ~ Body ~ Balance…

I practiced the physical wellbeing enhanced with essential oils, aromatherapy and reflexology. As I was practicing mediumship and spiritual healing; the realms of Akashics and it’s manifestation started to open up, followed by The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

Every time my client will be letting go of the trauma and stress and I was awestruck. I gained more confidence in helping people as I kept adding newer cutting edge spiritual practices in personal growth.

peaceful vallyNow as a Master Trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) I feel it’s essential in today’s times for everyone to feel safe and not participate in the rat race, not judged by other’s standards. It’s important to project what you really want, than what is expected of you. It keeps the fight or flight out of one’s system and instead of having stress hormones such as cortisol; you will be producing healthy Dopamine, endorphin and serotonin.

So, how do you do it?

One of the most important steps in changing your present and future is learning how to rewrite your unconscious mind…

Simply by treasuring your heart more often, you provide your body the much-needed permission to receive the highest vibration in existence that only Love can deliver. With your body calibrated in greater resonance, you access an innate ability to change all past associations to love that may have influenced you to have a painful or skeptical view of it. Such resonance also informs your immune system how to act since the body tends to function as a living expression of the post popular phrase recorded in your unconscious mind.

This allows one of most unique and foolproof path in existence because even the feedback that you interpret as “this isn’t working” could only be another perfectly orchestrated moment of healing underway.

Whether your feedback reveals …

“the one who feels like a failure”,
“the one who can’t get it right”,
“the one who has no control” or
“the who never gets their way”

… each one of these invites you to locate such feedback in your body.

You can allow each one of to be loved as they have never been loved before… and you can change your perception of you to change your present and future…

Let’s change the perception with this self-acceptance…
Try this for 21 days morning and evening!

I don’t know how to love the sadness I feel

I don’t know how to love the fear I sense

I don’t know how to love the jealousy I notice

I don’t know how to love the pain I’m in

I don’t know how to love the judgment I have

I don’t know how to love the struggle I face

I don’t know how to love what’s here to be loved

I don’t know how to love what I may never be willing to love

I don’t know how to love the one who can’t seem to shift

I don’t know how to love the one who doesn’t want to forgive

I don’t know how to love the one who refuses to grow

I don’t know how to love the one who always thinks they’re right

I don’t know how to love the one who is always desperate, lonely and never satisfied

I don’t know how to love those who have always denied me

I don’t know how to love the one who has always been denied!

By acknowledging that I don’t know how to love, I relinquish each conflict, burden and hardship by entering the heart of surrender.

Take a moment….