Testimonial: Panick Attacks

I started seeing Pushpa because I had been having panic attacks and I was desperate to deal with this issue and move on with my life. Through her work with EFT, Pushpa has shown me that if I just believe in myself, let in all that is positive and keep out all that is negative, I can do just about anything I want. In the two months that I have been seeing Pushpa, I no longer have panic attacks;

I have gained the confidence and independence that I had lost because of the attacks and have learned how to speak my truth. I even found the courage to let my long-term boyfriend know how important to me it was to be married and more importantly how much I wanted to be asked. Three weeks after my first session with Pushpa I had a ring my finger and was planning my wedding! Pushpa is a kind and generous person and I would recommend her to anyone who is struggling in life and feels the need to let go and move forward.