Skin Condition

Jen and Andrea

Hi Pushpa. I am doing very well. Much better. Pain has lessened considerably! Jen loved her treatment with you and looks forward to meeting you in person. It was a very good experience for her and me also.

Jen: Pushpa , you are wonderful to work with! My two treatments with you were very beneficial and truly helped me to work through my physical issue. I am expecting complete healing for my body. I am so grateful and look forward to our next session together. I would not hesitate to tell my friends what you do and encourage them to se you.

Andrea: Jennifer is doing well, much better, and looking forward to seeing you. Her mood is good as she was down before. As for me I am doing wonderfully well. Still some pain but I am approaching it differently. I will be healed completely and will not accept anything less. I have been very busy and loving it. Not tired like I used to be with the pain.

A month later
Jen’s skin conditions is almost healed. She feels well, and I am doing great.

~Andrea Shishakly~