The science behind EFT

Pushpa-EFT-HeartInHeadThe basic theory holds that negative emotion is caused by a disruption in the flow of the body’s energy.

Toning and tuning the energy system by stimulating energy points alone will usually not release toxic feeling. Likewise, the extraordinary results of energy therapies such as EFT are unknown to pure acupuncture, or to Chinese medicine in a strict sense. Acupuncture for emotional issues gives only general relief.

There is something about holding the toxic problem in the mind while tapping on the energy points that causes the shift and change in a revolutionary way. This way is not seen in either Western or Eastern medicine but is innate in the combination!

Energy therapies combine the power of the mind and the intrinsic balancing of acupressure in a special manner. Affirmations, suggestions and words have great power, and can activate the meridian energy, according to Dr John Diamond (originator of early meridian therapy).  In his book Life Energy and the Emotions, he provides a daily meditational and affirmation program which will balance the energy system. However, only the combination of tapping on the energy meridians and tuning emotional issues provides the dramatic results we now see daily in EFT.