EFTMatrix Tapper

What is Your Story?


  • Are you stuck?
  • Stressed and anxious?
  • Always thinking of your past and how you have failed?

Emotional freedom technique (EFT) is an ancient Chinese acupressure technique combined with modern psychological reversal reframes to achieve complete relief from Stress and Anxiety, helping you achieve your goals. Some refer to EFT as a “needle free” version of acupuncture, because you tap on the key meridians and energy points.

The new discoveries in the sciences of Epigenetics (new biology) and psychology document thousands of case studies of releasing long held anxiety, physical ailments and phobias. When done properly, EFT can rewire your neural pathways and reprogram your stress response; releasing that stuck energy and the pain!!!

If you feel anxious about a decision, tap to relieve the fear. EFT works by eliminating anxiety blockages in your energy system. Limiting habits live in the subconscious – and it runs 95% of your life.

Release your old story and be your own story teller!

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